A viewer interacting with the installation, in Amiens, 2012.

How does evolve an ecosystem ruled by simple behavioral rules?
Which factors assure the balance between different skilled organisms? Which factors will influence the hegemony and therefore the detriment of others?

Ecosystem is a projection of an interactive animation. It is an ecosystem simulation, driven by simple artificial intelligence rules.

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Visual research for the project La Parasite.

An ecosystem is defined by the network of interactions among organisms, and between organisms and their environment. Humans are part of an ecosystem, and its environment is the Earth. However, we are overexploiting it more than we are interacting with it, and therefore desertification, global warming, pollution, animal extinctions…

Trough a experimental process, the user is invited to help a colony of parasites surviving on a host. Different strategies are available, which will influence directly or indirectly its reproductive success, in both short or long term.

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